Trespass, A Haunting, is a true ghost story by Christopher Gibbons. Read the Reviews of this story to be featured on "A Haunting", the fifth season starting this fall, 2012. Trespass, a true account of a haunting.| Grand Rapids, MI 49503
A True Story of A Haunting
by Christopher M. Gibbons
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Trespass is the compelling true narrative of one man’s personal confrontation with the supernatural. The story opens as the author buys his dream home; a large stately Tudor badly in need of repair and restoration. It is only after he has invested his life savings and moved in his wife and children that it becomes clear that the house is also occupied by another; an unseen, malevolent presence. The conflict that follows is the story of Trespass. 

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In the words of just one among thousands of readers: “I couldn’t put the book down! A fascinating look into the unseen spirit world that coincides within our own reality – a captivating story”.