A True Story of A Haunting
by Christopher M. Gibbons
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Notable Fans of Trespass and Paranormal Societies
Michigan Nightstalkers is a non-profit Paranormal Research Organization located in West Michigan. Their goal is to collect and share information/data that may help prove or disprove the existence of paranormal activity using a mix of modern day adapted scientific equipment with old fashioned intuition. Paranormal research is our only focus. We are neither a club nor a society. 
Michigan Nightstalkers also assist clients and other teams throughout the investigation process. They treat each case with only the highest standards of professionalism. Clients are treated with respect, compassion and dignity. All cases are confidential unless the client allows information to be shared for educational purposes. Notify us anytime, day or night.   
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These Paranormal Investigators (SMP) dedicate time, energy, and efforts into unveiling the mysteries of the unknown. The Southern Michigan ParaNormals, strive to bring credibility and legitimacy to the world of paranormal studies. We uphold the highest standard of ethics and honesty; and we conduct our organization without bias or judgment.
SMP, The Southern Michigan Paranormals, were established and founded in 2007, and strive to provide honest and professional investigative services to all accepted cases. As a group, we are dedicated to finding truths and facts.
SMP will only present the facts according to strict standards of scrutiny, research and non-biased examination of data collected during the investigations. SMP is also likewise committed to exposing all frauds and abuse by individuals or groups to protect the integrity of the field of paranormal investigation.
The West Michigan Ghost Hunters Society was founded in October of 1999 to help find answers to the "unexplainable". WMGHS is a non-profit group that investigates and researches reports of paranormal activity on property (whether outside, in homes, or in businesses) free of charge. We offer our confidential service to anyone seeking aid with what they believe to be "ghostly activity".
The D.A.P.R.S. or Detroit Area Paranormal Research Society is a paranormal research group based in Hamtramck Michigan. Our ultimate goal is to provide ongoing documentation of the Detroit area’s paranormal past, present, and future. By conducting extensive research projects, we will attempt to build a complete paranormal history of Detroit, and contribute new ideas to the paranormal research community.  When we do conduct on-site investigations, we use a variety of equipment, techniques, and processes to gather evidence. Some of these include micro-cassette recorders, digital cameras, film cameras, camcorders, IR Thermometers, EMF detectors. We also use simple items such as flashlights, notepads, and baby powder to test various theories. Using a complete and rock-solid process, we share a common goal with most other paranormal research groups: To further the cause and promote the theories and discussions among the scientific community.
G.R.A.S.P.P. is a group of people with a lot of curiosity about the things that go “BUMP” in the night, and we want to know why. We believe that most things can be explained. There are always a few thing that try to stay secretive, those are the things that make us ask more questions. Curiosity is a good thing. Paranormal phenomena is out there and it’s our goal to weed through the collected evidence and prove the facts from fiction.We will always enjoy a good hunt for the truth. Some of our members have had their own experiences and they want some answers as well. Helping you may even help us.

Our team has been growing by leaps and bounds lately. We also have a growing network of groups and individuals that are ready to help find the truth. We are always updating our site. We are featuring new profiles for all members of G.R.A.S.P.P. to give you a better idea of who we are. We are very proud of the fact that we are one of the largest paranormal teams in West Michigan and VERY proud of all of the G.R.A.S.P.P. members, who have made us so knowledgeable and respected in our community.
The Miami Paranormal Research Society is a professional organization that conducts psychical research. We are not weekend hobbyists. We are a group of parapsychologists. To clarify the scope of our work, we concern ourselves with the existence of ghosts, spirits, both human and non-human, reincarnation, near death experiences, clairvoyance, communication with spirits. We do not “train” anyone in the development of psychic abilities. We thank you for understanding the scope of our organization prior to contacting us.
The Miami Paranormal Research Society is a division of Love and Light Ministries. Specifically, it is a privately funded program that is funded by our supporters, benefactors and members. We have never received any government funding and frankly, we do not want it. Love And Light Ministries has always been privately funded.
World Paranormal Investigations was started back in 2004. We are based out of Northeast, Ohio and the West Midlands, United Kingdom. WPI is working in 2 separate teams. John and Bea Brugge are the Founders of the USA team, and Lisa Beeton and John Wyke are the Founders of the UK team. This group was started so that 2 countries could come together and share paranormal experiences as well as investigate paranormal activity.

WPI USA and WPI UK provide professional investigations to private homes and businesses. WPI uses both scientific and spiritual methods in conducting our investigations. The scientific method involves the use of electronic equipment to capture photographic, video, audio and changes in atmospheric conditions. The spiritual method involves the use of a medium and psychic who use their abilities to capture past impressions of a location. The medium can also perform a séance if requested.

All of our investigations are free of charge and we will never ask for any donations or money of any kind.  All of our equipment and travel is paid by the individual team members.  References are available upon request.

Fringe Paranormal Investigations was formed in the spring of 2009 by a band of researchers with a common goal… investigate claims of unexplained activity using scientific methods. We maintain a skeptical yet open mindset. While our focus is on haunted locations and ghosts, we also maintain an interest in cryptozoology, UFOs and other alleged paranormal phenomena. The Fringe team strives to develop new theories and test current hypotheses in the field. We believe that all theories and work methods are open to scrutiny. Using logic and technology we set out to find plausible explanations for claims. Anything we can not explain is labeled as possible evidence of paranormal activity. Fringe operates out of Toledo, Ohio and has traveled as far as Louisville, Ky in search of the unexplained.
Warren Paranormal Society was formed in 2010 by Aaron Barteck. WPS is a paranormal research group aimed to help people who claim to have paranormal experiences. We work to help to bring piece of mind to those who experience these events. We approach each case with a professional and caring attitude. Know that when no one else wants to believe you, we will. We will work to either prove of debunk the claims that are made. Sometimes, things do not always have a reason for happening. We are working to a goal with other paranormal groups to make paranormal research a respected scientific field.
Southern States Paranormal Research Society, or S.S.P.R.S. for short, was founded in 2003 by a group of individuals who's goals were to seek answers to their personal experiences with unknown phenomenon that changed their lives.

Over the years, they have grown now to a fully fledged investigation and research team dedicated to the investigation of claims of paranormal activity in relation to ghosts and hauntings in the Southeastern United States, specifically in East Tennessee region.

Their methods are objective in nature, using equipment such as audio recorders, cameras and energy meters to attempt to verify any type of physical affects a paranormal experience may have on the environment, and thus document those effects to the end of firmly establishing if there is indeed survival of the mind and personality beyond physical death; in doing so, they aim above all to help the living, or those left behind, who feel they have experienced something that cannot be explained and provide for them what may be the last arm of support in a time of their lives where they have no where else to turn to.
Your will be welcome at Para X Radio!! They are one stop shopping for the best original paranormal content on the web. Like their tag-line says, All Paranormal...All the Time!!

Para-X Radio Network believes in supporting the paranormal community through quality programming and never asks a cent from their listeners. We do this for all those interested in the paranormal. If it wasn't for the listeners and the constant support from their dedicated family, they would not even exist!

Consider Para X YOUR very own paranormal radio station. Just make sure you pass the word on to your friends. It's all about making it grow!

A special thank you to John Curley, H.A.P.S., for all of his support and enthusiam for Trespass and its positive message. John co-hosts two shows on on Para-X, "Hauntings" , which is on Thursdays at 11 pm and "Blurred Line" which airs every Tuesday at 9 pm.  Give John's show a listen!
HAPS is a Professional Paranormal Research team that investigates and Validates claims of Paranormal Activity all over the East Coast striving hard in finding the answers to why Hauntings occur,as of today there are no explanations to how or why Hauntings occur. Until we can recreate the conditions that occur during a Paranormal Event we can never fully give anyone a definitive answer to how or why Hauntings occur.

Any Paranormal Group that claims that they can get rid of spirits or cross them over to the other side is not being truthful. We have no divine Power to cross over any spirits, in fact if a spirit doesn't want to leave a location it will not leave. No one can give you a guarantee that these Paranormal Events will ever stop, they may calm down in frequency over years but may never stop.There are no Guarantees in a Haunting.

Our team may conduct Blessings , excorcisms, saging and other rituals but do they Guarantee the activity is going to stop? The answer is NO. Maybe one day through all of the Research done by investigators from all over the world maybe someone will breakthrough with an amazing discovery to give everyone the answer to the Big Question is there really life after death.As of now its just one big mystery that all Paranormal Teams are striving to solve.